Santal musc eau de parfum intense

Santal musc

eau de parfum intense

santal musc eau de parfum intense is an enigmatic and elegant fragrance with an exquisite balance of soft woody accords and bright, delicate florals. Combining the warm sensuality of sandalwood with the iconic narciso rodriguez musc, santal musc eau de parfum intense is part of the opulent musc collection by narciso rodriguez parfums – a collection of refined fragrances for both men and women that transcend all boundaries of gender and region.

The fragrance evokes the glowing resin of sandalwood, immersed in an evanescent cloud of white muscs. The signature heart of musc is enriched with sumptuous amber accords, warm sandalwood and earthy vetiver, lifted by exotic ylang-ylang flowers and a hint of spicy cardamom.

This sublime blend of seductive musc, luminous florals, subtle spice and rich woods creates a magnetic contrast of deep warmth and silky softness, capturing a discreet yet addictive aura of luxury. 

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Ylang Ylang, Heart of Musc, Sandal wood

the flacon

The bottle of santal musc eau de parfum intense shares the signature graphic silhouette and lustrous golden lacquer that elevates the entire musc collection. Distinguished with an ivory-hued plaque, emblazoned with elegant gold lettering, the bottle is housed within a gleaming gold coffret. This metallic opulence contrasts with the pure transparency of the bottle’s cap, in keeping with the refined and modern aesthetic of narciso rodriguez.


santal musc eau de parfum intense