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NARCISO eau de parfum: when the power of seduction meets the calm of elegance

“I wanted to create an extremely sexy fragrance that would turn a man’s head”

Narciso Rodriguez

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elegance and sensuality bottled with panache

The NARCISO eau de parfum bottle personifies fine artistry and eloquence.  Evolving from a simple square, the cube evokes the designer’s signature tenets: beauty and logic. Within the transparent glass cube, a soft sculpted half-oval floats, made of stone-white lacquer. Elegance, simplicity and purity of the shape stand as the Narciso Rodgriguez’s hallmark.

The signature rectangular top is a creamy matte nude, juxtaposed against the glistening glass bottle, while the black logo stands out—clean, simple and assertive.

intoxicating, haunting and deeply addictive fragrance

NARCISO embraces a modern femininity that’s both assertive and elusive, illuminating the universal magic of seduction and attraction.

This eau de parfum reinterprets the alchemy of attraction as it challenges a traditionally masculine vetiver-based scent. A disarming duality lends the fragrance depth and intrigue: strength and vulnerability, rawness and refinement.

The elegance and calm of white and black cedar woods beautifully supports the cheerful and delicate notes of Bulgarian rose and gardenia when the warmth of musk adds an intense sensual touch. The result: a dazzling combination for a distinctive scent that fascinates and elates the senses. Ultimately, NARCISO is a uniquely sexy fragrance.

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the glorious beauty of Raquel Zimmermann

Raquel Zimmermann, muse of NARCISO collection, embodies a passionate femininity, an innate sensuality and a sublime grace. In the image, she reflects desire in a gesture of classic seduction, gazing over her shoulder suggestively yet knowingly.  

Raquel Zimmerman radiates an ineffable glamour, a fresh natural beauty and supreme confidence, as she effortlessly captures the enigmatic nature of female duality.  As the consummate Narciso Rodriguez woman, she defines transcendent beauty and elegance.