NARCISO eau de parfum poudrée, seduction at its apogee

“With the original NARCISO fragrance, I wanted to create an extremely sexy fragrance. NARCISO eau de parfum poudrée captures femininity at its core in an even more seductive way. It is both tender and powerful and immediately addictive.”

Narciso Rodriguez

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softness of a velvet skin embodied in a bottle

The fragrance is presented, like its predecessor NARCISO eau de parfum, in a signature bottle that’s infused with masterful logic, simple beauty and purity.

Inside a transparent glass cube, with a blush-colored top floats, a soft-sculpted half-oval painted a tender blush in a delicate balance between firmly geometric shape and human softness. By evoking a velvet skin, the bottle represents deep femininity and sensuality, encapsulating the seductive nature of NARCISO eau de parfum poudrée.

a deeply feminine and ardently attractive fragrance

The NARCISO fragrance line continues to embody the extremes of attractiveness and the art of seduction with a third chapter of the story. NARCISO eau de parfum poudrée transcends time as it stops time.

Enhanced by velvet notes of white jasmine and Bulgarian rose, the heart of musk incarnates a discreet luxury with an intimacy that remains on a woman’s skin, meanwhile the sensual woody white cedar leaves a silken trail.

Skin and scent become one and the same, radiating beauty and grace. The fragrance leaves a deep impression as the fragrance dissolves into a woman’s skin and as a memory that lingers.

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Raquel Zimmermann, bewitching face of NARCISO eau de parfum poudrée

The image of Raquel Zimmermann portrays a singular delicacy and pure charm. Her straightforward gaze beckons and teases. The blushing glow of her skin echoes the emotional power of the fragrance.

Fragile and yet confident, she immediately catches attention and embodies the harmonious grace of the NARCISO collection.