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Dive into the deep intensity of for him bleu noir eau de parfum

“Bleu noir eau de parfum captures a sense of mystery with a deeper intensity. Without being intrusive, it’s a scent that can’t be ignored. It’s disarming—and very seductive. »

Narciso Rodriguez

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bleu noir bottle reinterpreted

The bottle containing for him bleu noir eau de parfum is an artful reinterpretation of the original bleu noir bottle by narciso rodriguez that remarkably reflected elegance with an intriguing glimpse of mystery.  

A simple, refined rectangular shape becomes an exquisite illusion of multi-layered transparency in two shades of blue with the blue-black center rectangle framed by a thin edge of electric blue glow.

The packaging echoes the bottle: a pure black rectangle framed in rich blue-black.

yield to the magnetic power of the fragrance

narciso rodriguez introduces bleu noir eau de parfum, the supreme complement to bleu noir eau de toilette.  Both bleu noir fragrances convey the sense of duality found in masculinity with clarity, depth and a distilled elegance.  They also personify the signature duality at the heart of narciso rodriguez’s addictive fragrance line.

An extraordinary synthesis, the new fragrance emphasizes individuality.  Musky, woody and spicy, bleu noir eau de parfum combines a heart of musk with a touch of blue cedar and ebony wood in a vibrant scent that releases the powerful attractiveness of the fragrance. A perfume of allure and character, it perfectly represents modern masculinity.

bleu noir eau de parfum is another chapter in a singular story about the magnetism of attraction and the mystery of seduction.

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              Roberto Sipos, the new face of for him bleu noir

Narciso Rodriguez chose Roberto Sipos to be the face of his masculine franchise for him bleu noir. The new campaign visual features a striking portrait of model Robert Sipos photographed by Viviane Sassen. Roberto has a cool modern look that is assured, mysterious and sexy.  Known for her exquisite black and white work, Viviane Sassen captures Roberto’s hypnotic presence in a singular graphic image.