for her fleur musc, elegance and daring sensuality embodied

“fleur musc was born from my desire to create a fragrance with the heart of musc surrounded by warm rich pink flowers which creates a unique rose.”

Narciso Rodriguez

fleur musc - for her - for her fleur musc

a radiant bottle

The simple and unashamedly modern design of narciso rodriguez’s bottles attires itself with a vivid resounding pink for the signature bottle of fleur musc. A color added to the for her collection that perfectly symbolizes the free and sensual spirit of this new fragrance and shows the designer’s will to celebrate at once a strongly passionate and truly elegant femininity. The warmth and indomitable nature of fleur musc blossoms as this new fragrance adds an intriguing and fascinating chapter to for her’s always-evolving story.

an irresistible and addictive fragrance

The vibrant spirit of fleur musc for her embodies femininity in its most profound sensuality. Unique and heady: this new fragrance restates the nature of duality at the core of narciso rodriguez’s for her collection with its sly charm and fiery passion.

The fragrance weaves pink florals with notes of woody amber, patchouli and musk in an intense combination that displays timeless elegance and luxury. The spicy breath of pink peppercorn inspires an immediate attraction while the hints of rose display a great carnal sweetness and femininity. It was inspired by women who project an air of independence with exquisite grace.

“Fleur musc possesses the spirit of many women,” says the designer. The fragrance captures the freedom and nuance of femininity that encompasses everything; it radiates with a new vitality and conveys a sensual confidence. for her fleur musc is the ultimate reflection of modern women.

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Jean Campbell, for her fleur musc’s delicate muse

Narciso Rodriguez chose a new model, Jean Campbell, to join the gallery of for her portraits. Shot by the talented duo of photographers Inez & Vinoodh, Jean Campbell perfectly personifies the graceful, timeless and sensual territory of for her, while bringing a captivating and self-assured touch.