for her eau de parfum: the modern definition of elegance

“The scent inspired by love for women, redefines discreet luxury; it is the pure fragrance that is purely provocative.”

Narciso Rodriguez

eau de parfum - for her - visuel-1_for-her_eau-de-parfum

a stylish innovative bottle

A slender bottle evoking softness and romanticism contains for her eau de parfum. Painted pale pink from within, with a light-infused glow and a lustrous patina, it becomes a reflection of femininity and refinement.

A rectangle of graphic translucence, the bottle, almost abstract, embodies modernity in a simple line of shine.  Harmonious, elegant, it ideally sublimates the precious fragrance.

an utterly enchanting fragrance

Discover a sophistication that captures the essence of femininity and embodies true dignified grace. Experience a powerful sensuality that softens… a luxury that lingers… an intimacy that is intoxicating. for her eau de parfum by narciso rodriguez: the simply seductive scent that envelops the body and excites the senses.

Musk, at the heart of the scent, blossoms in a gentle and yet powerful harmony, within a remarkable weave of pink floral with hints of rose petals and peach pulp, enhanced by soft amber and patchouli in woody pulsations. The pastel tones of the fragrance spread mystery, finesse, and their voluptuousness is disarming. The result: a unique and outstanding scent that celebrates women in their vulnerability and their strength, in their sensuality and their beauty.

eau de parfum - for her - visuel-2_for-her_eau-de-parfum

Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass possesses a natural grace and an innate confidence that perfectly embodies the spirit of the for her collection. A symbol of modern femininity, sophistication and personal freedom, she captures all eyes with her radiant beauty and her velvet glance. She personifies the intoxicating blend of tenderness and powerful attraction of the for her collection.