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rose musc, a refined and modern homage to the most iconic flower

“I was very passionate about the idea of creating a new fragrance using rose, the ultimate symbol of refinement, and musc, which is more raw.”

Narciso Rodriguez

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a poetic and stylish bottle

Like the other fragrances of oriental musc editions, rose musc is contained in a reinterpretation of narciso rodriguez’s original iconic bottle.

The pure shape and the elegant design, painted luminous gold, are overcome by a delicate touch of crimson, that reveals the outstanding sensuality of the fragrance.

A gold effect jewel-case box, that contains the bottle, emphasizes the discreet luxury of rose musc.

a sensuous fragrance from Orient

With rose musc, the world’s most iconic flower meets an equally iconic note, the heart of musk, signature of narciso rodriguez. The delicacy of Moroccan absolute rose is skillfully enhanced by a touch of spicy black pepper and dusky patchouli, while saffron adds a prestigious note to the fragrance, in a subtle hint of modernity and refinement.

Intensely moving and thrilling, rose musc’s accord blossoms with both depth and wealth. Reflecting the designer’s purist sensibility, this titillating composition offers a most original modern interpretation of the orientals, the most sensuous fragrance family.

rose musc eau de parfum is an intense, intoxicating and beautiful balance of the bold and the sensual. It expresses the grace and integrity of two universally beloved notes. The result is a perfect harmony between the rawness of musk and the refinement of rose, a precious and unique fragrance that dazzles the senses.   

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the oriental musc editions

In his will to make a superb and enchanting meeting between East and West, Narciso Rodriguez created the oriental fragrances collection and reinterpreted pure luxury.

Savored by all genders, the perfect harmony that arises from the blend, extols the virtues of both of those universes in a most modern and sophisticated way.

rose musc, santal musc and amber musc add an enthralling facet to narciso rodrigez’s collection.