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amber musc: luminosity and mystery

« The idea for the amber musc was to honor two great periods of fragrance with my own modern interpretation »

Narciso Rodriguez

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 the iconic bottle reinvented and glorified

The slender for her bottle drapes itself in a gold lacquer for oriental musc editions. The luminous personality of amber musc is enhanced by a black touch that adds character.

The graceful and mysterious bottle perfectly symbolizes the smoky fragrance that it contains as the gold effect jewel-case box that comes with it reinforces the impression of sophistication and luxury.

a timeless fragrance

For centuries, the distinctive natures of both amber and musk have captured a sublime sensuality as scent dissolves into skin. narciso rodriguez melds the two iconic notes as one in amber musc eau de parfum intense.  

More than a perfume, amber musc is a profound symbol in the history of fragrance all over the world. Ultimate alchemy of East and West, the classical and the modern, luminosity and mystery, amber musc’s distilled elegance opens a new exciting chapter in narciso rodrigez’s collection. The intensity of the heart of musk is carried by the smoky sweetness of oud wood in a scent that embodies the illusive nature of incense.

The fragrance stands as a tribute to the rich olfactory culture of the Middle East—and as a homage to the Golden Age of French perfumery, where the amber accord at the heart of the oriental fragrance family originated during the early 20th century.

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the oriental musc editions

Narciso Rodriguez’s quest for the most prestigious ingredients and his passion for the purest scent have led him to create oriental musc editions, a beautiful confluence of East and West.

Modern and luxurious, intense and sensual, the fragrances of the collection, savored by all genders, constitute a unique olfactory experience.